We are a small software development company specialized in the industrial automation industry. We offer products developed and sold by us, the test of software of different vendors as well as the webhosting of DotNetNuke portals. Our customers vary from major international companies to non profit organisations like Schwaebischer Turnerbund e.V. If you would like to get more information please take a look at our products / services section on this website.


Our Work

  • Software- and System development
    • Software development in C/C++ and C#
      • Device driver and system services
      • Applications
    • Conception and realization of systems for manufacturing and process automation
    • Database design and implementation
  • Conception, realization and maintenance of website using DotNetNuke
  • Consulting, Workshops and support in process data communication and visualization
  • Testlab for components and products for process data communication and visualization
  • Development of own software products

Areas of operation

Our software / software components and products consulted by us are being used in many different areas.

  • industrial process and automation industry
    • Mechanical and automotive engineering
    • Food and beverage
    • Oil and Gas
    • Energy and water supply
  • Time synchronization
    • Universities
    • Research and Development
    • Energy and water supply
    • Chemicals
    • Pharmacy
  • Organization and execution of sport events

If you'd like to gain a better understanding of what we are doing and where our products being used, please take a deeper look at our website or feel free to contact us.

Jörg Allmendinger – Founder and owner

I got my Diplom in electrical engineering at the university of Stuttgart in 1983. That was when I started to concentrate on the software development and started to work in a small company in Heiningen, Germany. After working for that company for some years I founded my own company the Ingenieurbuero Allmendinger in 1992. Since then I'm extending it in the area of process data communication and the software development as a service.

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Our customers are major companies operating all around the world but also small non-founded organizations. Most of them like to stay unnamed and we take these requests seriously. In these cases we are describing the project in a general way but won't name the company or details on the project.

  • Automation industry
    • Conception, development, consulting as well as test of the resulting software/software components in the HMI/SCADA systems of Siemens Simatic WinCC
    • Conception, development, consulting, workshops as well as connectivity and performance tests for communication channels in Simatic WinCC
  • Automotive Facilities
    • Automation and visualization of carriage presses
    • Device drivers, system services and applications for 24h self acting based on Microsoft Windows NT first released in 1994
  • Engine builders
    • Connectivity-Tests and Performance-Measurements of process data communication products of different vendors for conception of a suitable communication architecture
    • Consulting and support in process data communication
  • Device manufactorer
    • Auto CAD-Driver for grafic tablets
  • Schwäbischer Turnerbund e.V.
    • Software for organizing and execution of sport events with more than 15k attendees
    • Calculating tournament results

Our Ambitions

Our major goal is, to provide all our customers an easy and comfortable communication in the process data communication area. Of course we are concentrating on the OPC UA technology, as it is a greatly adapted standard which is supported by major vendors, but nether then less we are also helping our customers with their proprietary protocols or other standards like MODBUS, MELSEC, ... We are working in that area since many years now and have done a lot of different projects. By now we were able to help all our customers either by solving their problems, consulting them in doing it by themselves or helping by providing the needed contacts of people who were able to help. If you are facing a major problem and searching for a solution, please don't hesitate to challenge us.