Simatic WinCC Channel development
Since 1992 we are a good contact when the implemented functionalities of the Simatic WinCC Basic channels aren't enough. In that time the owner of the Ingenieurbuero Allmendinger was already involved in the development of the first communication channel over all. Since that time we have enhanced our capabilities and have developed a lot of different communication channels. Starting with channels for proprietary protocols to shared memory channels using other technologies to transfer data. We also developed the first nativ OPC UA Channel for Simatic WinCC and even certified it. Our customers in that area are big companies as well as small public institutions. We'd like to provide the best quality service and to gain that we're using this procedure:
Our procedure

Kick-Off meeting with one of our developers

Review of the project by our development team

Estimation of effort by our development team

Official offer

Face-2-Face meeting

Determine milestones

Start of development

Heads-up for each milestone

Handover of finalized software

Of course we also offer the development of additional features as well as maintenance and support for the developed software. According to your plans we are also happy to provide you an offer for the source code, in case you would like to do future developments by yourselves.